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Metaverse Bank

Creating liquidity and utility for your metaverse land assets.
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Deposit Metaverse land assets and borrow stablecoins


LAND NFT Owners (Borrower)

Borrow stablecoin with land assets as collateral.

Liquidity provider (Lenders)

Earn APR up to 5% by providing liquidity.


D33D governance (vD33D & vNFT)

Govern protocol and earn more benefit.

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Select your
land NFT

At the beta launch, we only accept Otherdeed. More Metaverse lands will be added in near future.

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Deposit your land NFT as collateral

Collateral value is determined by the NFT floor price with Chainlink Oracle.

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Borrow against land NFT

Instantly borrow up to 30% of the NFT collateral value in USDC. More stablecoins will be added in near future.

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Manage your credit

Don’t exceed your borrow limit to avoid NFT liquidation. Holding Metapoly NFTs will increase your credit limit.

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Metaverse meets DeFi

The solution and use-cases
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Borrow stablecoins with your Metaverse land NFTs as collateral.
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Earn up to 30% yield from your Metaverse assets.
Coming soon
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Trade blue-chip Metaverse land assets with cash-back rewards.
Coming soon
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Buy and acquire micro-ownership of reputable Metaverse lands.
Coming soon
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Stake D33D to earn yield from Metapoly’s profit.
Coming soon
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If you are land owners

Deposit land NFT as collateral and borrow money.
Sell land to Metapoly Treasury (Soon)
Lease your land to generate up to 30% yield (Soon)
Fractionalize the land for micro-ownership (Soon)
Trade lands in the marketplace (Soon)

If you are investors

Lend stablecoins to earn up to 5% yield.
Provide liquidity to earn trading fees.
Buy D33D for multiple utilities in the Metapoly ecosystem.
Stake D33D to govern Metapoly protocol.
Trade and buy fractionalized Metaverse lands (Soon)
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Supported Metaverses
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