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The mission

Our mission is to build the foundation, infrastructure and toolings required to accelerate the adoption and growth of Metaverse. We aspire to empower and democratize the Metaverse ownership to the next generation of web3 users.

Metapoly ecosystem

Building decentralized financial products on Metaverse ecosystems with borrowing-lending, staking, leasing, marketplace, fractionalization and more.

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Focusing on developer tools, composable with other DeFi protocols, 3rd party integrations with APIs and more.

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Metaverse assets treasury; metaverse land NFTs, utility tokens & stablecoins, owned by Metapoly protocol and governed by D33D token holders.

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Want to make a difference and have your voice heard? Metapoly DAO enables discussion, proposal and voting with staked D33D token and Metapoly NFT.

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Roadmap 2022/2023

More Info

Own the D33D, rule the metaverse

- Metapoly DAO

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