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Meta Guardians NFTs
The keeper, the builder

Meta Guardians NFTs represent the power to gather more builders, to achieve a much fair distribution of governance (against the whales/ corporates) in the Metapoly World.

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Benefits of the Guardians NFTs

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Earn 30% referral rewards when you refer a friend to get Guardians NFT.

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Enjoy fees shared from the profit that the protocol earns.

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Earn multiplier privilege on governance power.

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Increase credit limit in borrowing & lending.

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Exclusive access
to Pro tools.

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Genesis NFTs
The OGs. The believers.

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Metapoly Genesis NFTs as the very 1st phase into the Metapoly World that its citizens are trying to rebuild. These NFTs are the “keys” to unlock future wealth & power in this new world.

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Benefits of the Genesis NFTs

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300 Limited Edition of Genesis NFTs.

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Whitelist Only Access to IDO.

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Come With The Ultimate Power To Unlock Future Usages In The Metapoly World.

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Holders Are OGs in The Metapoly Discord.

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Minting Privileges To The Future Metapoly NFTs.

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